Studio Policies for Watt Violin Studio

Practice Requirements

Students must maintain a consistent practice and listening schedule to succeed. Practice should include daily work on scales, exercises and passage work, technique, review, current piece, and music theory as assigned. Practice requirements are as follows:

Beginner (Twinkler): 10-15 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 60 minutes
Book 1: 15-20 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 75 minutes
Books 2 and 3: 30-45 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 150 minutes
Books 4 and 5: 45-60 minutes daily, minimum weekly goal = 225 minutes

As students advance, the minimum amount of practice time needed each week will continue to increase. Typically, advanced students will be practicing several hours each day. Students receive a weekly practice log with detailed homework assignments. Please make sure that daily practice is recorded on the log and that the log is signed by a parent and brought to the next lesson.

A Practice Reward Program is in place for all Watt Studio students. Each week that the student's practice goal is met a star is earned. Five stars = a prize. Please use this and other incentives to help encourage daily practice. If you are having practice motivation problems at any point, please let me know. Students are required to listen to their Suzuki recordings EVERY DAY! Specific listening goals will be set in students' lessons.

Rules and Policies

  1. Please arrive to your lesson on time. If you arrive late, it cuts into your lesson because I cannot run over. Also, if you drop your child off, please also pick him/her up on time.
  2. Do not ring the doorbell unless the door is locked. Please let yourself in quietly, wait on the bench in the foyer, and unpack your instrument. This is my home, please respect my property.
  3. Please stay in the foyer area unless you have permission to be elsewhere. The sitter and my daughter may be in the living room. Please do not bother them.
  4. Parking Policy: You may park in my driveway (2 spaces) or in front of my home (1 space) only. Please do NOT park in front of my neighbors' homes or go onto other people's property for any reason.
  5. For all activities at St. Luke, please come in at your scheduled activity time and unpack your instrument. Please be quiet if I am finishing with the previous student or group. Please also be respectful of St. Luke's property. We are privileged to be able to use space there.
  6. A minimum of 24 hours notice is requested for all cancelled lessons.
  7. If I must cancel a lesson, it will be made up.
  8. If a student cancels a lesson it will NOT be made up unless you choose to use your one make-up lesson. You will only have one make-up, once this is used, no more make-ups will be given. I MUST ENFORCE THIS POLICY. With a full studio, there is very little space available for makeup lessons. There will be two make-up days available for your use this semester. YOU MAY CONTACT OTHER STUDENTS IN THE STUDIO TO SEE IF A SWITCH IS POSSIBLE IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND YOUR SCHEDULED LESSON TIME OR YOU MAY CONTACT ME ABOUT DOING A LESSON BY PHONE OR SWITCHING LESSON TIMES. A SWITCHED LESSON IS DEFINED AS OCCURING WITHIN THE SAME WEEK AS YOUR REGULAR LESSON.
  9. INCLEMENT WEATHER: If Fayette Co. Public Schools are closed due to weather, lessons taught at my HOME WILL BE TAUGHT if it is safe for you to get here. If you WILL NOT be attending a lesson in my home due to weather, YOU MUST CONTACT ME. If at all possible, lessons that cannot be attended in person due to inclement weather will be taught over the phone during your scheduled lesson time. Lessons cancelled due to inclement weather WILL be made up. GROUP CLASSES will be cancelled at my discretion, an email will be sent by 8am on Saturday if a group class is cancelled. If you have any questions regarding weather and group class, call me.

Required Activities

Group classes, Play Throughs, Festival, and Recitals are all important aspects of a Suzuki Music Education. As such, they are ALL highly suggested activities in the Watt Studio for eligible students. More advanced students who are also in orchestra may request exemption from group class at my discretion. If there is a roup class available for you it is REQUIRED. If you have a conflict with your scheduled group class, you MUST speak with me. ALL STUDENTS MUST PLAY ON AT LEAST ONE RECITAL EACH SEMESTER - NO EXCEPTIONS!